Lung Cancer Screening

The Lung Cancer Screening Pilot for People at High Risk (the pilot) is an organized lung cancer screening program launching at University Health Network (UHN). Interested participants can either self-present* to the pilot or can be referred by a physician if they meet the following criteria:

  • Current or former smokers ages 55 to 74
  • Have smoked cigarettes daily for at least 20 years in their lifetime (not necessarily consecutive years)

Regular screening can result in a 20% reduction in lung cancer mortality in high risk individuals.

Key Features of the Pilot:

  • Once referred, the pilot site Screening Navigator will conduct a detailed risk assessment by telephone with each potential participant to determine eligibility for screening and facilitate the scheduling of a screening low dose CT (LDCT) scan for eligible participants. Note: After assessment of their individual risk, not every participant referred will be appropriate or eligible for screening with LDCT.
  • On the day of the LDCT scan, the Screening Navigator is trained to provide current smokers with a 1:1 smoking cessation counselling session and will refer the participant to a hospital-based smoking cessation program at the participant's discretion.
  • The screening Referral Form authorizes the initial scan as well as all annual and recall LDCTs and referral to the Lung Cancer Rapid Assessment and Management Program (LungRAMP), if required.

Communications from the Pilot:

Referrals require a primary care provider to be identified. Referring physicians and primary care providers (if different) are provided with the following:

  • Notification if a referred participant is ineligible for or declines screening
  • A standardized radiology report of the LDCT results
  • Notification if a participant is referred to the LungRAMP

*For participants that self-present and are eligible for the pilot, UHN pilot staff will contact their primary care provider for a mandatory referral form to authorize the use of LDCT for screening.