Breast Cancer

​​​​​​The Breast Cancer Pathway Map provides a flow chart of an evidence-based high level overview of the care breast cancer patients should receive in Ontario.

Several different hospitals in Toronto provide diagnostic, treatment and follow-up services for breast cancer. For example, women may require a breast biopsy after an abnormal mammogram. Check the list below for details on the services available at each hospital.  Where available, referral forms are provided on the respective websites.

Diagnostic Assessment Programs (DAPs)

Diagnostic Assessment Programs (DAPs), also known as Diagnostic Assessment Units (DAUs) and Rapid Diagnostic Units (RDUs), focus on providing a rapid assessment and diagnosis for patients with suspicious symptoms or abnormalities. Patients receive a comprehensive assessment, examination and care plan. 



Clinical Trials


The evidence supports the fact that care for most breast cancer patients requiring well follow-up care can be safely provided by primary care physicians. Therefore, Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario)​ endorses the recommendations from Canada’s Steering Committee on Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Care and Treatment of Breast Cancer.