About the Toronto Central Regional Cancer Program

​​​The Toronto Central Regional Cancer Program (TCRCP) is one of 14 Regional Cancer Programs in the province and developed by Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario). Regional Cancer Programs are responsible for implementing provincial standards and programs for cancer care as outlined in the Ontario Cancer Plan, and ensuring service providers meet the requirements and targets set out in their partnership agreements with Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario). In order to fulfill this responsibility, we have a variety of regional committees to respond to local cancer issues, coordinate care across local and regional healthcare providers, and to continually improve access to care, wait times and quality.

We have two large cancer centres, the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre at the University Health Network and the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre as well as five partner hospitals and community partners that provide and/or support cancer care in the community.

The TCRCP also actively interacts with neighbouring cancer programs, linking patient traffic patterns, specialized services, and regional/provincial programs.

TCRCP South Annual Reports

TCRCP Annual Reports