Each year the TRCP determines three priorities for the fiscal year in order to focus improvement efforts. In 2018/19, priorities include: Complex Malignant Heamatology, Indigenous Cancer Program and Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) implementation. Goals in these three areas are outlined below.

Concentrated focus on Complex Malignant Heamatology

  • Manage referrals for leukemia and allo stem cell transplantation within the region to minimize wait times and optimize access to quality care
  • Work with CCO and regionally to determine the optimum size of programs, services and funds to support patients with complex malignant heamatology. Focus to be on Toronto Central region but impacts to the GTA and surrounding area will also be assessed
  • Work with CCO, GTA partners and locally to support regional planning/care for Acute Leukemia as well as shared care programs for specialized acute leukemia, aplastic anemia, auto and allo stem cell transplantation
  • Continue to focus on program and space planning with CCO and the Ministry of Health to address ongoing challenges in meeting demands in the system
  • Focus on the recruitment and training of new staff and develop new leadership capacity

Indigenous Cancer Program

  • Continue to work with all regional hospitals to increase the number of Aboriginal Navigator referrals through activities that promote the role
  • Increase awareness and understanding regarding  the First Nations, Inuit and Métis (FNIM) prevention, treatment and palliative care needs along the cancer journey through knowledge users networks at each care site
  • Collaborate with hospital networks in the identification of existing systems-level barriers that negatively impact FNIM and work together to develop solutions
  • Identify information needs among the hospitals and collaborate in the development and implementation of knowledge sharing activities.

FIT Implementation

  • Successfully prepare for the launch of FIT in our region including hospital planning, identifying FIT endoscopists and creating a polyp adjudication committee
  • Primary care preparation for FIT implementation through education rounds, conferences, support during transition and monitoring update